What To Know About That Leak Coming From Your Car

If your car is leaking from anywhere and you have noticed it because of puddles of liquid near or under your vehicle, you will want to know what to do about it. However, this can be difficult if you aren't quite sure what the liquid is and where it is coming from. Here's what you should know about possibly leaks your car suffer from:

Clear Liquid: 

Clear liquid coming from your vehicle is likely water and is probably due to condensation build up from the air conditioning system in your car. Fortunately for you, these leaks aren't actually a problem since condensation build up is normal and doesn't actually mean that something is damaged in your vehicle. 

Sweet Smell:

Antifreeze has a distinct smell and is usually a green color although some antifreeze products are also pink or orange. Either way, antifreeze leaks are generally easy to detect. Once you do notice it, you want to take your car into an auto repair shop to get it repaired, especially since antifreeze left on the floor of the garage or driveway of your home can be dangerous to any pets you have. 

Gasoline Smell: 

If there is a gasoline leak, this is also something you will notice right away as being gasoline because of the distinct smell. Plus, gasoline is usually a dark yellow color. When this happens, you also need to take your car into an auto repair shop right away since gasoline is flammable. This is extremely dangerous for the area where you park your car and your car itself. 

Sticky, golden Liquid:

Sticky, golden liquid is probably motor oil. When the motor oil leaks, it's usually a simple fix you may be able to resolve on your own. Simply get under the undercarriage of your vehicle and check the oil pan seals to be sure that they are tight. If this doesn't resolve it, then you should definitely take your vehicle to an auto repair shop. 

Slippery, Yellow Liquid:

A slippery, yellow liquid is definitely the brake fluid. When this happens, you need the leak fixed right away and the brake fluid replaced. This way, your brakes will not fail, which can prevent a major car accident in the future. 

When you know what to do for any type of leak you find coming from your vehicle, you will know how to get yourself safely back on the road again without worrying about the liquid that has pooled around your vehicle. Click here for more information.